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EFFECTIVE 01/01/2015


Northern Arizona Fiduciaries, Inc charges hourly fees at different rate levels depending upon the service being provided, the expertise needed to accomplish the service, the amount of time to complete all aspects of the service, etc. Some tasks have a set amount of time assigned based on many prior years of performing the same routine function and calculating the amount of time such task will take, such as paying bills, reconciling accounts, opening/sorting/logging/distributing client’s mail, etc. Set time for routine billing is periodically reviewed for continued accuracy. Minimal billing is in 1/10 increments with billing statements prepared and sent monthly. Preview Revised Fee Schedule.


Thanks to everyone who continues to visit us at our table at the Senior Conferences
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In an effort to provide the most current information available to clients and professionals alike, Northern Arizona Fiduciaries, Inc. has established this page and offer links to pertinent court and legislative sites. NAF will continue to update the legislative and regulatory information as it changes or becomes available. Please feel free to send any comments or questions to


Many of the changes enacted by the passage of SB1499 became effective February 1, 2012, while others are due to take effect on September 1, 2012.

Those that are now effective as of February 1, 2012; changes to the Rules of Probate Procedure as follows:

  • Rule 7: Contains the forms and budgets that will be required September 1, 2012, added to the definition of confidential document.

  • Rule 8A: Rule 4.2 of Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure has been added. ARCP Rule 4.2 deals with service of process outside the state.

  • Rule 8B: Sets a time limit of 120 days for service of notice and petition. The time may be extended.

  • Rule 10(c)(4): Requires the court-appointed guardian of a minor to notify the court within ten days if the minor dies,marries,becomes an adult or is adopted.

  • Rule 10D: Requires the fiduciary's attorney to encourage the fiduciary to do what the fiduciary can without having the attorney do it on the fiduciary's behalf.

  • Rule 10G: Gives the court remedies for vexatious conduct.

  • Rule 10.1: Orders prudent management of costs and requires the court to be informed when a cost may exceed benefit.

  • Rule 15.1: Deal s with the appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem.

  • Rule 15.2: Deals with involuntary termination of appointment, allows for termination due to lack of action, and also deals with termination of minor guardianship cases.

  • Rule 18: Allows options for summarily dealing with repetitive filings.

  • Rule 19: Directs the appointment of an attorney, medical provider, and investigator, limiting nomination to attorney and medical provider with prior relationship.

  • Rule 22: Deals with orders appointing Conservator, Guardian, and Personal Representative and requires every order to plainly state any restrictions.

  • Rule 26: Deals with the issuance and recording of letters, requiring the letters to plainly state any restrictions and requires the Conservator to file and record certified copies of letters with the county recorder in every county the estate has property and file a copy of the recorded letters with the court within thirty days.

  • Rule 26.1: Gives one with higher priority for appointment who is passed over for one with lower priority ten days to request a written findings on appointment.

  • Rule 28: Allows for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

  • Rule 29: Specifies that Alternative Dispute Resolution is not compulsory, but the court may order arbitration.

  • Rule 33: Requires written notice of basis of compensation, that the court shall follow state-wide fee guidelines, and compensation may be waived if not properly submitted.

More detailed information may be found at Arizona Courts Website.

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