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Northern Arizona Fiduciaries, Inc. is not a law practice. We are not lawyers and cannot and will not give legal advice. Depending on the needs of our clients, we can provide complete fiduciary services including the coordination of legal, health care and non-medical caregiver services, as well as the management of financial and personal matters. We are expanding our Consultation Services to provide customized packages to the lay person who finds him or herself in a fiduciary position with a family member.


Consultation Services:

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Consulting with family guardians regarding their duties in appointed capacities.
  • Assisting persons in a fiduciary role with a particular task or project to fulfill the requirement of that role; court inventories, accounting, reports, etc.
  • Giving expert advice as to professional fiduciary practices in the management of another person or their affairs.
  • Providing resources for family guardians and/or non-professional fiduciaries.
  • Developing a customized package of services to meet individual needs.


Trust Services:

Northern Arizona Fiduciaries, Inc. is in a position to serve as Trustee or Successor Trustee. Whenever possible, we will work with the professionals that the client already has a valued and trusted relationship with. We can also make referrals to competent professional specialists.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Fiduciary Services, Asset Management, Case Management on behalf of Trust and beneficiaries.
  • Reviewing trust provisions, in close consultation with legal counsel where appropriate, to ensure compliance with trustor’s intent with regard to testamentary distributions.
  • Ensuring that all trust property is titled in the name of the trust, including obtaining EIN number from IRS.
  • Administering trust in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes governing trusts and duties of trustees.


Initial Fiduciary Services:

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Initial investigation, intake, research, conferences, professional consultations, court sessions, meetings with third-party agencies and review of case history records as required by ACJA 7-202(J)(1)(a) and (d).
  • Compiling and preparing information for (and review and execution of) court documents as required by ACJA 7-202(J)(2)(e) and (f).
  • Notification of appointment to financial institutions, service providers, family members and government entities as required by ARS 17b and ROPP Rule 25(B).
  • Meetings with Wards, Protected Person/Client, interested persons and service providers. Service providers include County Recorder, MVD, etc, as required by Fiduciary Code of Conduct, ACJA 7-202(J) et seq. and other applicable rules and statutes.
  • Benefits research, related application preparations and associated meetings as required by ACJA 7-202(J)(3)(p).
  • Preparing plans, reports, case documents, etc, as required by various administrative rules.


Asset Management:

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Assuring that all assets are used solely for the Ward/Protected Person/Client’s benefit, in accordance with ACJA 7-202 (J)(2)(a-c).
  • Recovering and/or assisting various agencies with the recovery of assets if a Ward/Protected Person/Client has been victim of financial exploitation.
  • Monitoring investments and ensuring that investment strategies are appropriate to the Ward/Protected Person/Client’s current life circumstances and comply with the Prudent Investor Standards.
  • Preparing accounting statements, inventories, budgets and coordination with CPA’s for annual tax preparation.
  • Processing accounts payable, accounts receivable and account reconciliations as permitted by ARS14-5312 (A)(4)(b).
  • Meetings and communications with financial institutions as permitted by ARS 14-5312 (A)(4)(b).
  • Titling, re-titling, investigating and receiving reports on existing accounts.


Case Management:

Duties include but are not limited to activities required to maintain regulatory compliance with ARS 14-5312 and ACJA 7-202:

  • Consultation and assessment regarding appropriateness of placement and/or in-home services.
  • Conducting case management visits to check on the physical, environmental, social and health status of the Ward/Protected Person/Client.
  • Coordination and monitoring of personal care and health services.
  • Assistance in locating, contracting and developing service plans with licensed, insured, third-party providers.
  • Attending care plan conferences, discharge planning and individual support plan meetings.
  • Initiating independent reviews and following up on recommendations from third-party professionals such as pharmacist consultants, personal physicians, therapists, etc.


Clerical and Office Procedures:

Duties include but are not limited to activities required by ACJA 7-201(H)(6)(k)(5) and 7-202 (J)(1)(e):

  • Mail processing, including receiving, sorting and internal routing of mail to appropriate staff, logging mail and bill due dates into electronic system and sending mail.
  • File maintenance including initial file setup, filing complete items, annual archiving and scanning legal and other important documents into electronic file.

An Arizona Supreme Court Licensed Fiduciary Business, #20198
PURSUANT TO A.R.S. §14-5109

EFFECTIVE 02/01/2018

Northern Arizona Fiduciaries, Inc charges hourly fees at different rate levels depending upon the service being provided, the expertise needed to accomplish the service, the amount of time to complete all aspects of the service, etc. Some tasks have a set amount of time assigned based on many prior years of performing the same routine function and calculating the amount of time such task will take, such as paying bills, reconciling accounts, opening/sorting/logging/distributing client’s mail, etc.  Set time for routine billing is periodically reviewed for continued accuracy. Minimal billing is in 1/10 increments with billing statements prepared and sent monthly.


Licensed Principal Fiduciary       $130-175.00

Licensed Fiduciaries                 $125.00

Fiduciary Assistants                 $95.00

Office/Care Assistants              $90.00

Minimum Billing Rate (cleaning, packing, misc services)      $50.00

Average Billing Rate                 $120.00

Maximum Billing Rate               $175.00

*Flat Fee Closing/Transfer of case    $3,000-5,000

After Hours Services (5:00 PM – 8:00 AM & Weekends or Holidays)     $150.00 hr.

Consultation Services               $130.00

Reimbursed Expenses:

Mileage                       IRS RATE

Copies                       .50

Postage                     USPS or carrier rate

Filing Fees                  Billed at cost

Advanced Fees           Billed at cost

Attorney Compensation:     $300-500/hr

Licensed Fiduciaries are required to have at least 10 hours of continued credit education annually, post a professional bond, and adhere to all the requirements under Arizona Code of Judicial Administration Sections 7-201 and 7-202, in addition to complying with all state and local statutes.

Non-Licensed personnel are required to attend 2 state training programs annually, either in person, on-line, in office, or through classes.

*Flat Fee closing fees are assessed to a case at the time Northern Arizona Fiduciaries, Inc’s Final Account is prepared for transfer or closing of a case. This fee includes all additional services after the filing of the final account such as, review and response of additional court documents, review and response of communications from attorneys, successor fiduciary, family, etc, acceptance and forwarding of mail, maintenance of the file after closing, review and responses to any court or tax authority, and any other case time provided after the final account. The flat fee closing is calculated based on case history, case dynamics, and the amount of work anticipated after the final account.

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