Fiduciary Services in prescott, az

Asset Management

Creating safe and confidential solutions for you money management are essential. Whether you are struggling to manage a sizable estate or something a more modest, our money management solutions can offer you the support you need. From bill payment and personal banking to fraud review and tax document review, we can help.

Duties include but are not limited to: 
  • Assuring that all assets are used solely for the Ward/Protected Person/Client’s benefit, in accordance with ACJA 7-202 (J)(2)(a-c).
  • Recovering and/or assisting various agencies with the recovery of assets if a Ward/Protected Person/Client has been victim of financial exploitation.
  • Monitoring investments and ensuring that investment strategies are appropriate to the Ward/Protected Person/Client’s current life circumstances and comply with the Prudent Investor Standards.
  • Preparing accounting statements, inventories, budgets and coordination with CPA’s for annual tax preparation.
  • Processing accounts payable, accounts receivable and account reconciliations as permitted by ARS14-5312 (A)(4)(b).
  • Meetings and communications with financial institutions as permitted by ARS 14-5312 (A)(4)(b).
  • Titling, re-titling, investigating and receiving reports on existing accounts.
  • property management
  • real property
  • personal property
  • tangible property
  • rental property
  • time-shares
  • real estate property