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Prices effective Oct 1, 2021

Northern Arizona Fiduciaries, Inc. charges hourly fees at different rate levels depending upon the service being provided, the expertise needed to accomplish the service, the amount of time to complete all aspects of the service, etc. Some tasks have a set amount of time assigned based on many prior years of performing the same routine function and calculating the amount of time such task will take, such as paying bills, reconciling accounts, opening/sorting/logging/distributing client’s mail, etc.  Set time for routine billing is periodically reviewed for continued accuracy. Minimal billing is in 1/10 increments with billing statements prepared and sent monthly.

In-House Expenses

Licensed Principal Fiduciary $165.00 – 200.00/hr.
Licensed Supervisory Fiduciary $145.00/hr.
Fiduciary Assistants $125.00/hr.
Estate / Tax Administrator $125.00/hr.
Ancillary Services $60.00/hr.
Minimum Billing Rate $60.00/hr.
Maximum Billing Rate $200.00/hr.
*Flat Fee Closing/Transfer of case $3,000 – 5,000
After Hours Services (5:00 PM – 8:00 AM & Weekends or Holidays) up to $200.00/hr.
Professional Consultation Services $165.00/hr.

Reimbursed Expenses

Mileage IRS Rate
Copies $0 .50
Postage USPS or carrier rate
Filing Fees Billed at cost
Advanced Fees Billed at cost
Attorney Compensation $300-500/hr


An Arizona Supreme Court Licensed Fiduciary Business, #20198


EFFECTIVE 02/01/2018

*Flat Fee closing fees are assessed to a case at the time Northern Arizona Fiduciaries, Inc’s Final Account is prepared for transfer or closing of a case. This fee includes all additional services after the filing of the final account such as, review and response of additional court documents, review and response of communications from attorneys, successor fiduciary, family, etc, acceptance and forwarding of mail, maintenance of the file after closing, review and responses to any court or tax authority, and any other case time provided after the final account. The flat fee closing is calculated based on case history, case dynamics, and the amount of work anticipated after the final account.