Fiduciary Services in prescott, az

Initial Fiduciary Services

We have the legal authority and the responsibility to manage assets for the benefit of another person or see to the personal care and health of another person. They include Trustee, Personal Representative, Conservator, and Guardian, some of which are appointed in estate planning documents and some of which are approved by the Court.

Duties include but are not limited to:
  • Initial investigation, intake, research, conferences, professional consultations, court sessions, meetings with third-party agencies and review of case history records as required by ACJA 7-202(J)(1)(a) and (d).
  • Compiling and preparing information for (and review and execution of) court documents as required by ACJA 7-202(J)(2)(e) and (f).
  • Notification of appointment to financial institutions, service providers, family members and government entities as required by ARS 17b and ROPP Rule 25(B).
  • Meetings with Wards, Protected Person/Client, interested persons and service providers. Service providers include County Recorder, MVD, etc, as required by Fiduciary Code of Conduct, ACJA 7-202(J) et seq. and other applicable rules and statutes.
  • Benefits research, related application preparations and associated meetings as required by ACJA 7-202(J)(3)(p).
  • Preparing plans, reports, case documents, etc, as required by various administrative rules.