Our Services

We specialize in customizing services to align directly with our client’s needs.

We can provide complete fiduciary services including the coordination of legal, health care and non-medical caregiver services, as well as the management of financial and personal matters. We are expanding our Consultation Services to provide customized packages to the lay person who finds him or herself in a fiduciary position with a family member.

Northern Arizona Fiduciaries, Inc. is not a law practice. We are not lawyers and cannot and will not give legal advice.

Available Fiduciary Services

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Consultation Services

Whether you’re facing a short term crisis or are addressing long-term planning, a discovery session and comprehensive assessment is key to creating a personalized care plan. These simple steps can help you attain peace-of-mind regarding complex decisions and emotions. This is especially true when you find yourself in the midst of ever-changing needs and roles.

Initial Fiduciary Services

We have the legal authority and the responsibility to manage assets for the benefit of another person or see to the personal care and health of another person. They include Trustee, Personal Representative, Conservator, and Guardian, some of which are appointed in estate planning documents and some of which are approved by the Court.

Trust Services

Northern Arizona Fiduciaries, Inc. is in a position to serve as Trustee or Successor Trustee. Whenever possible, we will work with the professionals that the client already has a valued and trusted relationship with.

We can also make referrals to competent professional specialists.

Asset Management

Creating safe and confidential solutions for you money management are essential. Whether you are struggling to manage a sizable estate or something a more modest, our money management solutions can offer you the support you need. From bill payment and personal banking to fraud review and tax document review, we can help.

Case Management

Case Management services offer the opportunity to have a supportive, reliable person to ensure you or someone you love receives the best care. From assistance with scheduling appointments to asking a physician questions, you can get the help you need. You may just want someone to help ensure your finances and medical needs stay on track.

Clerical Procedures

Mail processing, including receiving, sorting and internal routing of mail to appropriate staff, logging mail and bill due dates into electronic system and sending mail. File maintenance including initial file setup, filing complete items, annual archiving and scanning legal and other important documents into electronic files.


We are grateful

Please know we are grateful beyond measure for all of your works on behalf of my sister. She was not the easiest person to deal with at times and this fact make your toils all the more kind, sincere and caring.   Thank you for keeping us informed about her and including us in her life.  She was a restless soul and while on this Earth. You made her life immeasurably better every day.

Mike and Rhonda W.

Thank you for being there

I want to thank you for taking care of my Mom’s affairs and such but also taking the time for the other things (like letting me know what was going on, how her spirits were, her doctor’s visits and all).  It helped bridge the gap so many miles can create.  Your caring and kindness meant a great deal to me and will always be remembered.

Denis C.